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3/20/2007: Oh my, who IS that furry dog on the front porch??! Mr. Willie is really getting some hair
in!!!! Unfortunately, we had to take him back to the vet this past week as his front feet became infected
again. He has not yet been able to undergo heartworm treatment or be neutered, but we're hoping that
as soon as we get this latest foot problem cleared up we can move to the next step. I hated for him to
go back on antibiotics, but we have to do whatever it takes. We are soaking his feet in Epsom salts
and betadyne, also, to try and draw out the infection.

Despite this small setback, Willie is in tremendously good spirits and is just bursting with energy!!!! He
is definitely making up for lost time-- the whole world is a game to him these days, and he plays and
plays and runs and runs and exhausts the rest of us!!!!!   

Well, the time has almost come. It is time to start looking for that perfect, wonderful home for Willie. SO
many people had emailed us when Willie first came to us, offering their homes... but now that we know
him so much better, and know what he will require, I want to start all over.
First of all, Willie has not yet gone through his heartworm treatment. It's going to be very difficult here for
us to keep him as quiet as he should be when he undergoes the treatment... so it would be great to get
him into a new home, and then put him through the treatment.

Willie is a VERY ACTIVE dog!!!! He is not for the faint of heart, LOL!!! He is going to need a very playful,
fun loving, active, doting home. He really needs another dog (or two or three) to play with. He needs
LOTS of running space. He loves kids, but he is very bouncy and tends to knock the little ones over!! He
so adores them though; for Willie, the more people and kids around him, the better!!!

His fur is not completely back in. There are some spots on him that may never regrow the hair. Can you
handle a dog that resembles a thatched roof?? :-)

We are in no hurry to place Willie. However, it is time to start making plans for him. He is getting into
some trouble here... he is hard on the chickens (he likes to grab them and carry them around! He doesn't
hurt them intentionally, but despite all of our admonitions, he continues to annoy the tar out of them by
carrying them around and drooling all over them!). He has started to chase the horses a bit, and tonight
he paid the price when one of them kicked him in the shoulder. He is ok, but it could have been a
disaster. And that is why it occurred to me that the time has come to look for his forever home.

I will post more about the plans for his continued medical treatment as we finalize it. In the meantime, if
you think this big, goofy, fun loving, happy go lucky, silly boy would fit into your family, please email me
and we'll talk!!

4/16/07: Willie was neutered today and is doing great!!!
5/5/2007: We made the difficult but correct decision to send Willie to another safehouse, with another
rescue group, to address some training issues and to be able to be treated for the heartworms in a
more restricted environment. Willie had started showing more and more aggression to the small dogs
here; over the course of the last several weeks he had injured a couple of them. He was also going
after the livestock and the horses with more intensity. So, after a lot of soul searching, we sent Willie to
our friends at South Eastern Va Golden Retriever Rescue, Education, and Training, Inc. (SEVA
He is in a safehouse with two other goldens and is doing very well in a more controlled environment.
You can continue to follow his progress on their site and we will also post updates here. We miss him
terribly; but we weren't able to provide him with everything he needed here, so for his sake and to
ensure his future as an adoptable, well mannered canine family member, we decided to let him go.
Our life here with the animals is based on their freedom and leisure; Willie needs structure and mental
challenges. We went as far as we could with him, and his leaving does leave a huge empty spot here...
but part of rescue is knowing there are always more out there and knowing when to let go of the ones
you have!
Look at our boy now!!!!!