What we need!
New Hope Rescue

Horse Feed: Purina Senior
Livestock Feed: Purina Impact 12 Textured
Hay Stretcher Pellets
Chopped Forage

Dog/Cat Food: 4 Health (Tractor Supply)
Canned and dry

Blankets, towels, dog toys... cleaning supplies...

We always need brushes... buckets... fly spray... old
halters... fly masks.

Most of our older horses are on some kind of joint
supplement. Consider donating a month's supply of a
glucosamine/MSM supplement.

We are always desperate for hay!!!!!

It doesn't have to be top quality-- we have goats and cows
that will relish more stemmy hay. It does, however, need to
be dry and mold-free. We can pick up; please keep us in
mind if you need to clean out last year's hay to make room
for new hay.

Monetary donations
We always have vet bills, farrier bills, and hay and feed bills
to pay off...  please consider making a tax-deductible

Fundraising help

We always need fundraising ideas. Rehabbing an equine
easily costs $1,000 minimum. Please send us any thoughts
you have for fundraising!! Think about sponsoring a yard
sale or donating an item for a raffle! Send us your Food
Lion MVP card number so we can link it to our account. We
will soon be set up through Ukrop's Benevolink also.

We could use someone to do auctions on eBay... help us
design a good donation jar, and people to distribute and
check them... people willing to have feed drives at their
local feed stores... we just don't have the manpower to get it
all done on our own.
Monty and pals!
Pearl in a donated waterproof
King of the hay mountain!
Right now, what we need most to help the animals are the

Hay. January, February and March are the hardest months. If
you cannot donate any hay, please consider sponsoring even
one bag of chopped forage, hay cubes, or hay stretcher pellets.

BUILDING SUPPLIES. We still have not finished our barn.
We have a huge roof, which is great, lol, but we could really use
that barn with stalls. We do have run-ins for the animals, so
everyone has shelter; but the barn seems like a far away dream
GoodSearch animal banner
Donate a BedWe use Patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean. If you would like to donate a bed to us, click here.
Southern States SHOW Program

This is a BIG fundraiser for us!! And it's an easy one--
all you do is cut the proof of purchase symbols off the
backs of your bags of Triple Crown, Legends, or
Reliance horse feeds. Save them up for a bit... then
send them to us!! That's it!!

We redeem each POP for cash to be used towards
feed and vet bills. Each Triple Crown and Legends
POP brings us .25 cents, and boy, do they add up!!

Please spread the word about this to your friends!!!

Mail the POP's to:

New Hope Rescue
PO Box 412
Providence Forge, VA 23140