Sponsor A Horse
New Hope Rescue
Often, the horses that come into rescue need long term vet care,
medications, extensive farrier care, or specific nutritional supplements.
One way to really help is to sponsor a specific horse by donating
towards their ongoing bills.  

For example,
Chase suffers from advanced ringbone and requires
Adequan injections twice a month, a good joint supplement, and
chopped forage for his old teeth. :-) He eats Purina Senior feed.

Ruby is the mustang who will be here forever. After being wild caught
and then abused for 13 years, she has no use for or trust of humans.
She eats Purina Senior feed.

Gertrude the donkey, while sweet on her own terms, is impossible to
handle for hoof trims and requires a vet to sedate her heavily for each
farrier visit; this is a big expense and so far that has made her
unadoptable. She can stay here forever, but we could use help with her
Chase: bi-weekly Adequan
Click below to donate to a
particular horse! Just write the
horse's name that you wish to
sponsor in the comments section!