All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on all medical, and are house
pets. They are now waiting for their permanent families to claim them!
New Hope Rescue
Roxy is an adorable one and half year old Jack Russell. She is a happy, fun loving girl who
adores kids and gets along great with other dogs!! She even knows tricks: she can sit,
lie down, give one paw, give the other paw, roll over, and stand up and twirl in a circle!!

She was abandoned by her first owners, which amazes us as she is such a great girl.
She is housetrained, loves to go for car rides, and is well mannered in the house. She
is, however, still a terrier... she will obsess over things and she needs a LOT of
exercise and attention. Familiarity with the breed would be a plus.
8/1/2007: Roxy has been adopted into a wonderful home with 3 other jrt's!!! THANK
Shaggy is one year old, 14 lbs.,
and as cute as cute can be!! He
is some type of small terrier
mix, maybe crossed with llasa
or shih tzu. He is active,
playful, and at the same time
VERY cuddly and lovey!!

He spent his young life
neglected on a chain. He now
needs a home that will spoil
him rotten and let him be a
Bobby is a 65 lb
terrier mix of
unknown design!!
But he's a huge
love bug and just
as sweet as can
be... click below
to read his whole

Click here to read
about Bobby
Poor Hank. He's one of the loads of hunting dogs that start to appear out of the woods every
year at the end of January. He was used during hunting season and then discarded at the end,
left to live or die.

Hank lived. Barely, but he lived. Lucky for him someone spotted him stumbling onto the road and
picked him up. He was nothing but bones; he weighed in at
22 pounds--- less than half his
normal body weight!!! He could barely stand, much less walk, shaking at every step.

Hank is now recovering in one of our foster homes. He is overcoming his fear of people, learning
how to play, becoming housetrained, and turning into a really fun loving guy!! He's only a year or
two old; he's just a puppy at heart. He loves to play with other dogs and is soaking up the
attention he gets. Now let's get him into his forever home where he never has to worry about
where his next meal is coming from again!!!

UPDATE: Hank has been adopted and is currently weighing in at 45 lbs!!!! HE is a
gorgeous, happy, playful hound... THANK YOU MARIE for giving him a life!!!!!!!!!
Molly is an adorable, 40 lb pointer mix. She was first spotted in the woods at the back of someone's
property, starving, but too scared to let anyone help her. After weeks of feeding and coaxing, they
were finally successful in earning her trust and Molly became a spoiled house dog!! Unfortunately, the
wonderful people who rescued her cannot keep her.

She is now in need of her forever family. She is a sweet, playful dog, good with other dogs, but she is
still very frightened of new people and takes a few minutes to warm up. But once you assure her that
you're worthy of her affection, she'll be your best friend!! Won't you consider adding this very special
girl to your family?
Ollie... what can we say about Ollie?? He is the perfect dog!!!! Ollie was found in North Carolina by one of
our volunteers. He was living on a chain, terribly neglected. His uncaring owners gave him to her without
blinking an eye, and this skinny, filthy, flea infested fella came back to Va.

He was obviously a well loved, indoor pet at some point in his life. Ollie is housetrained, well mannered, loves
to cuddle and snuggle at every opportunity. He adores the other dogs and plays so well with the little ones
and with puppies that we call him Uncle Ollie. His ideal Sunday is spent snoozing on the bed after a rousing
romp around the yard with the other dogs.

He is basically a 60 lb lap dog. He is always upbeat and happy; he loves to go for car rides; he loves to be
with his people. He does not chew or get into things. He "asks" before he gets on the furniture. He adores big
floppy toys and bones. He's great with kids. He comes every time he's called. He just wants to please.

Ollie is such a great dog that, to be honest, I don't want to give him up. But he deserves his own family with
more people time than he gets here. His perfect home will have another dog or three to play with and a fun
loving, happy family that accepts him into the family. He is not a dog that needs to be crated or left alone for
long hours. He IS a dog that will bring nothing but joy!!!

One requirement: he does need a fenced yard, physical or invisible. He will stay with you as long as you are
out with him, but does have a tendency to wander if left out unattended. Hey, no-one is 100% perfect, right?

Ollie is neutered, up to date on all medical, and microchipped.

OLLIE IS ADOPTED!!! Thank you once again Linda and Jordan for sharing your home with one of
our very special guys!!
Ahhhh... Sunday afternoon
nap time on the bed...
Ollie and his pal Rio the goat!