New Hope Rescue
1/17/2007-- Check out Sweet William this morning! :-)
PO Box 412, Providence Forge, VA 23140
Did everyone see Willie on the news
tonite?? He was so scared of the
We would like to send a HUGE thank you
to Channel 8 news, specifically to Kim
Schumacher. And to Citizen's and
Farmer's Bank for helping us set up a
Sweet William Fund-- to establish a
reward to help find who did this to
William, to go toward his bills, and to
help other animals like Sweet William.
Here's our boy today, getting more and more relaxed!!!!
I can steal a toy from Tiki...
And get up on the sofa, too!!
Now if someone would just
bring me dinner in bed, life
would almost be perfect!!
1/25/07: I have to apologize for being slow in getting new updates on here this week! William is continuing to
improve every single day. He has learned the routines here-- feeding the horses and livestock in the morning
means a couple of hours of running and playing in the pastures; most of the day is spent napping while we are
at work; then evening time means a few more hours outside running and playing. He has learned which horses
tolerate him and which ones will bite! He is still in a battle with our #1 goat Rio... she is the resident guard goat
and Queen of Everything, and she and William constantly butt heads. No, really-- I mean that literally!!! I need
to get a picture of those two going at it. Those of you who know Rio, know she is a formidable opponent!!

Willie goes back to the vet tomorrow for his second dip and to have those feet re-checked. Will post an update
again this weekend!!
Snoozing after a long afternoon
helping with chores!!
Sleepy face!! We disturbed a sofa nap!
One thing everyone who's met William keeps asking is... "Oh my gosh. How can you keep him in the house with that
ODOR???" Yes, William has a-- er--
unique odor. It was brought on by a lifetime of mange and the skin infections.
But William living in the house was never a question or an option. The odor has gotten 100% better than the first
week, and with enough candles anything is possible. Rescue isn't about convenience-- it's about doing what is
needed. We just keep telling William what a handsome, perfect boy he is, and then run to light another candle... :-)
1/30/2007: Willie's vet appointment
went well on Friday; he got his second
Mitaban dip and everyone was amazed
at how much better he is doing!!
And best of all: HE PLAYED
TONIGHT!! Here he is wrestling
around with my hubby (and buddy
Jewel) on the sofa!!!
Willie in the snow!
He is SO funny-- he was tucking his
butt and running as hard as he could--
little dogs in pursuit!!!
He still kind of looks like he lost a
fight with a weed eater... but we
have high hopes his fur will all grow

He plays like a puppy all the time; he has become a very, very active boy!! He will romp with the other dogs
for hours. He is also fond of swiping anything he can find at Willie-mouth level and claiming it for his own... we
definately don't get bored with him around!! :-) He is just a big, goofy, fun loving, cuddly boy.
Here he is playing this morning (2/22/07)!
Having words with his arch
enemy Rio!!