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We had a big dog rescue last weekend: we
brought in 30 dogs from a puppy mill situation.
Most are old retired breeders. All need basic vet
care and most need more due to skin issues, eye
problems, old wounds, etc. All need to be
There will be more dogs coming from this place,
so we are working with other rescues now to
make room for the next batch. Any help you
give-- even just spreading the word to everyone
you know, even if you can't donate now-- helps
us get closer to helping more of these dogs.  

These little dogs have never known love.
They have never had a belly rub, a toy, good
food, a soft bed, or a cuddle on the sofa.
Please help us to help as many of them as
UPDATE 9/1/09:
As of this month, we have rescued,
rehabbed, and rehomed (with the help of
other rescues) 50 dogs from this situation.
Many, many thanks to all who came forward.
We still have $3,000 in oustanding vet bills
from this rescue effort... so please consider
making a donation!!!!
Thank you all so much!!!! We can't do this without you!!!!
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