All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on all medical, and
are house pets. They are now waiting for their permanent families to
claim them!
New Hope Rescue
5/4/07: We have just become involved in a puppy mill
situation involving over 100 dogs!! These dogs are all
going to need extensive vetting; we are going to need help
covering the vet costs, feed, supplies, etc.  
6/6/2007:This rescue is going slowly but steadily.... please
check back soon and help us spread the word.
**Pics updated 6/24!!**
June 1, 2008

Meet Annie... a very special little dog who
needs extra help right now! Please read
her story and help us to get her the
medical care she needs...
7/08: Annie has been adopted!!!!
The tumor was removed and she is
turning into a little princess!!!!
Important disclaimer!

The animals that we rescue come to live with us and share our lives. They are not kenneled; they live in
our homes. We learn all about them as their personalities emerge, and we know their likes, dislikes, limits,
and needs. We help them get over their pasts, their fears, and we do our best to socialize them and get
them ready for a new family.

Because of the attachments we form and the emotions we invest, we are also very, very careful with our
adoptions. If we do not feel a particular dog matches a potential adopter,
we reserve the right to
decline the adoption.
We don't ask that you walk on water; we just ask that you respect  our opinions
and understand our focus is on making a positive, permanent adoption. If we feel strongly that an adoption
will not work, then there is a reason for it.

In the same vein, we cannot guarantee the temperament of an animal once it is out of our care. We have
done our best to assure that the animals are safe around humans and other animals and will never adopt
out an animal with any known aggression issues. But we are dealing with living beings here, not robots,
and everyone adopting any animal from any rescue, shelter, or pound should be aware that they do so at
their own risk.
Ok, legal stuff covered. Meet our dogs needing homes!!!
Just a few of our past rescues:
Click below to read this poor pup's
story and help us find her the perfect
Layla is adopted!!!!
October 21, 2013:
Tristin comes to us with a badly broken leg. Please click below to read his
story and help us with his vet bill!