3 female yellow labs, male shepherd--2 of the labs and the shep.
are AWESOME and sweet, one of the labs is
petrified and blind
in one eye.
Dobie female-- has had some kind of head
trauma-- pronounced scar and indent in skull.
Seems to have some possible balance issues,
very mild.
Extremely sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two female shelties, very shy. One llasa-poo,
also very shy. CUTE!!
** ONE SHELTIE ADOPTED!!!!!! One left**
Chihuahua family-- momma is an older
female, sweet but shy. Pups are very
shy, need socialization. The runt
(bottom left) is VERY scared-- hides all
the time. Pups have poor skin but I do
not think they have demodex-- I think
it's poor nutrition.
There are 3 pekes. One is black and white. One of the
tans has a back leg that drags, looks like an old break that
was never fixed. He does not seem in pain but walks
awkwardly. The black one is very friendly, the tans are shy
but want to be close to you.
Terriers-- there are two of these-- one
is very very scared, this one is more
outgoing but needs work. CUTE!!!!!!
Some of the oooold chi's... some of
these girls had recently given birth, at
their age.... :-(  
Very small male chi-- maybe 4 lbs??
Friendly and CUTE!!!!!!!!
Please contact me if you can help with any of these dogs!!!!
There will be more coming from this situation soon.

Lori    804-347-7965 c
**I do not yet have pics of all the dogs-- these are quick ones I snapped today after we
got back. But this gives you an idea of some of the dogs.
This page is intended for rescue
groups only as these dogs have not yet had time to be vetted
((PS-- shameless plug-- the red min pin you see in some of the below pics is also up for adoption)) :-)
What a grin!!!!!!!!!!
Adoption pending on
both terriers!!! :-)