Ruby was wild caught in the mountains of Nevada, and
auctioned off to someone who knew nothing about horses,
much less how to care for a mustang.

thirteen years, she languished in a small pen, barely
surviving. Neighbors fed her when her owner simply refused. At
one point, her owner decided it was a great idea to borrow a
large quarter horse stud and breed her. Somehow, she
managed to pass the large foal and then her and her filly
continued to barely survive in the mud pit of a pen.

Thankfully, they were finally brought to animal control's
attention and we were contacted.

Now, 6 months later, the filly has been adopted and is
blossoming in her new home. Ruby has not yet come to trust
humans and has not yet let us touch her; but she is happy to
finally be part of a herd again, and she seems very content!! In
fact, she may be a little too happy... she's gotten a bit overly
November 2009
May 2009