NEW!! Feed A Meal Program!!!
Donate a meal or two for one of our permanent residents, and help us pay the feed bills! One of our
biggest expenses is the daily feed bill.
Here is a rough breakdown of how you can help!
Allistair helping himself!!
Allistair and Baldric each eat about 8 lbs of
feed a day (plus veggies, fruits, and other
treats and grazing). The feed itself averages
out to about $4.00 a day per pig. Click on one
of the links to feed that piggy for a day!!
The horses: We have six permanent residents (equines who are not
adoptable due to age/ soundness issues): Zephyr, Ruby, Josie,
Ruthie, and Jake. They eat, all totalled, approximately 45 lbs of feed a
day, plus free choice hay. This averages out to about $25 a day, or
$4.20 per horse per day. Click here to feed a horse!!  
The potbellies-- we have three
potbellies here who eat approximately
$1 each per day of feed. Plus lots of
fruit and veggies, of course.
Harley the wonder llama!! He guards all of
the other animals here from the bobcats
and coyotes, and he greets all of our
human visitors with big old LLAMA
KISSES!!! Harley eats about $2 a day in
We have a dozen goats
of all sizes and ages.
They eat, all together,
about 10 lbs of feed a
day plus free choice
hay, which averages
out to around $8 a day.

This is Elsie, the Brahma cow. She
came to us as a neglect case. Elsie
will need a lot of hoof care, as her
hooves were badly overgrown and
curled up, and  also will be
munching us out of house and
home on hay. :-) Please click below
to donate a bale of hay to Elsie!!
(Hay runs around $8 a bale) Or, if
you'd like to donate to her
medical/hoof care, you can do that
here too!

Josie came with Elsie the cow. These two have been best
friends for the last several years. She is a 30 year old Arab
mare. She has almost no teeth left, and so needs special feed
as she cannot chew hay. She eats lots of senior feed plus hay
replacer pellets.
Dogs dogs dogs!!!!
More than anything, we
have dogs! Lots of canine
tummies to fill. We like 4
Health dog food, a
grain-free meat based
food that runs about a
dollar a pound. We go
through approx. 125 lbs a
week, plus dozens of