The following dogs are the first arrivals from a puppy mill that is voluntarily
shutting down and releasing the dogs to New Hope. These dogs all need
special care and patience with socialization, learning to live outside of a cage,  
and some may have special medical needs. They are wonderful dogs, and the
ones here are already learning to love life!!!!
New Hope Rescue
MANDY AND SANDY-- the Chihuahua sisters!! These girls
are approximately 4 or 5 years old and weigh about 10 lbs.
They were initially very shy but are really coming out of their
shells and even starting to play!!! They are even doing very
well with housetraining (although we have a doggy door, so
they have the freedom to go anytime they want!) They are
very bonded to each other.
ADOPTED, thanks to the Heritage Humane Society!!!!!!!!!
SADIE-- A beautiful sable and white sheltie.
She is approximately 5 years old, and
weighs about 40 lbs (larger than your
average sheltie). She wants soooo much to
love and play but still isn't sure how! She
loves belly rubs and we are working on
getting her over her fear of coming in the
house. Look at that smile!!!!
6/7/2007: Pippin's foster mom has decided
to keep him!!! We couldn't be happier!!!!!
Poor Pippin has some hip issues we are
trying to get help with now...

1. Make a donation through Paypal.

2. Make a donation directly to one of the two following veterinarians (tell them to put
the donation onto the New Hope Rescue account):
All Creatures Animal Hospital: 804-966-2767
Prevent A Litter Spay/Neuter Clinic: 804-359-6369

3. Make a donation directly onto our account at Hayseed's Feed for dog food:        

4. Consider adding one of these little guys to your family; or maybe safehouse one
while we find their forever home! Or pick one dog to sponsor and help pay for
his/her medical.

5. Even if you can't help, please help us spread the word so that others can!
5/10/07: Sadie has gone
to the Northern Virginia
Sheltie Rescue, and is
coming out of her shell
beautifully!! She should
be adopted soon!!!!
Annie, a brindle dachsi with one blue
eye, and
Lucy, an older springer have
both been
adopted thanks to
Second Chance Animal Shelter!!
Katie, a little chihuahua/pom mix, approx. 4 years old. Katie suffered a broken ankle at some
point and it healed crooked. She is very, very shy but wants so much to love!! She weighs
approx. 4 or 5 lbs. She is available for adoption, but it will have to be a very patient, quiet home.
She does not have a clue about housetraining-- even with our doggie door.