New Hope Rescue
I have hesitated to put this page on here. Because, the fact is, my husband and I are not vegetarians... and
to try to explain to people that yes, we have rescued some sad little pigs... and yes, we enjoy our Sunday
morning bacon... is always uncomfortable. But at the end of the day, my beliefs are the same: no animal
deserves to live a life of misery. Even if that animal is intended to be used to sustain and nourish your
family, it still deserves to live a comfortable life while it is here. It deserves good, healthy food, warm shelter,
space to live and play, and kind treatment. You don't have to be a vegetarian to love animals... you do have
to treat them with care and respect, and you have to uphold your responsibility to see that when the time
comes, their lives end quickly and humanely. Therefore, we do not eat meat from the grocery store, as we
do not support the cruel factory/confinement farming techniques in practice today.

That said, here are some of the piggies that have come into our care. Pigs are so fun; they have such a
sense of humor!! They love to romp and play, graze in the pastures, sink into a nice clean mud bath, and
burrow under warm straw at night. Don't let anyone tell you they are dirty animals; pigs mud bathe to keep
cool, but their bathroom habits are impeccable and they will not live in muck unless forced to.  
This poor pig is a prime example of an animal that needed rescuing-- no matter what the
species, no animal deserves to suffer like this.
We were alerted to this pig's condition by a concerned neighbor. The people who got this pig to raise for meat
did not have a clue about how to take care of an animal; he was in a tiny, filth-filled pen, which had such an
abominable odor that we could smell it before we got to the back yard. He had no fresh water-- he was expected
to drink out of the mud created by his own waste. He was only fed when they remembered he was out there. He
had no shelter. At some point, he was attacked by their dogs, and the attack left him paralyzed in the back end.
He had open, bleeding, infected sores. We whisked him out of there, knowing he probably would not survive, but
with the intention of giving him any chance possible.

He was starved to less than half a normal body weight for his age. He was dehydrated, and full of infection. We
considered euthanizing him immediately. But something about the look in his eye told me we had to try... he
hadn't given up yet, so we couldn't either.
We treated his wounds and cleaned him up the best we
could. We gave him fresh fruits and veggies and fresh,
clean water. That night, he slept for the first time in
clean, soft straw.
Within a few days, Laverne, one of our rescued
potbellies (who was deaf), decided he needed some
extra TLC and she moved in with him! For the rest of
his days, he and Laverne were inseperable.
One fine day a couple of weeks after he came, he
was finally able to stand!

But sadly, he passed away in his sleep a few
weeks later, nestled up to Laverne. The last picture
I have of him is below-- enjoying a big sloppy mud
bath. I think he is smiling...
This was little Seraphim... she was an orphaned
baby brought to us by a local farmer. She, too, was
only here a few short weeks, succumbing to
pneumonia despite our efforts to save her. She
was a little imp, bouncing around the bathroom (our
usual nursery) with gusto up till the end.
Are YOU my mommy??
This is Dennis, a little stray potbelly pig baby who was found by one of our volunteers and delivered
here. What a little cutie pie!! Unfortunately, potbellies don't stay little, and to be honest, they don't
even really stay cute. But we love them anyway, and as soon as Dennis is neutered he'll be looking
for his forever home-- on a farm, not as a house pet!! Baby pigs are cute in the house... adult pigs
are destructive and unruly. Don't even think of contacting me if you're in an apartment... (yes, it

Update 5/09: Dennis has made such great friends with our other two potbellies, Rudy and Mike, and
has fit in so well that he'll be staying on as a permanent resident. :-)