A few of the goats and friends...
Oh, what a rough life we lead....
Blind doeling and her chick pals. She
did not live long, due to other issues,
but was a happy girl while she was
Mommy's kisses!
Why walk when you can be
This poor girl was dropped off at a local butcher's to be slaughtered. She was almost completely hairless
due to long term neglect; she had been kept chained to a dog house and fed only dog food. When her
owners got sick of her, they took her to the butcher-- who felt sorry for her, and called us to come get
her!! She is slowly regrowing her hair, but has to be carefully protected from the sun and the elements.
She was badly sunburned when she came. We tried different types of t shirts, sweat shirts, and dog
coats along with loads of sunscreen to protect her over the summer... now that winter is coming, she has
a special insulated "goat coat" that will hopefully keep her warm enough.   
Well... it SMELLS like a goat... but
something is just wrong here...
WHAT are you laughing at????
New Hope Rescue
Here are some of the other animals that we have helped!