We received an emergency phone call on October 21, 2013 about this little Yorkie. Apparently a
child stomped on him and snapped his back leg. The owners did not have money for vet care and
were going to "just do away with him". A young lady stepped in to save him, but she also did not have
the resources to get him to a vet and was frantically calling around for help. We couldn't say no.

Tristin is approximately 8 years old, and will need surgery asap to amputate the leg (a surgeon has
been consulted, but the break cannot be fixed). We also just discovered that he has brusing and
trauma to his liver, which can only be the result of being kicked. :-(  Poor Tristin... they beat the hell
out of him.

We are asking for donations to help cover the cost (estimated at $1000 to $1500). He will then need
a quiet foster or adoptive home to recouperate in. Please contact us if you can help or please click
below to make a donation for his vet care!
The back leg is completely broken and
hanging free. :-(
Tristin is so stoic. He has not uttered a
sound. He just suffers in silence and
that is so heartbreaking! I suspect he
has not had a good life...