New Hope Rescue
7/24/2007: Today we are celebrating because after several long, tense months.... this sweet boy
is finally ours!!!

It started a few months ago when we received a call from animal control in another county. They had seized this
horse, pitifully ematiated and covered in scars, with several infected wounds, and lame on both front legs. His
enraged owner was threatening to find the horse, and so they felt that for the safety of the horse, it would be best to
move him to an undisclosed location. We agreed to house him and treat him while the case went to court. We
couldn't tell anyone we had him.

The horse, whom we named Travellor, was a sad sight... and he was terribly frightened of people. It was so obvious
he'd been badly beaten. It took weeks to start to gain his trust.

These pictures were taken three weeks after he was seized; he had already put on a great amount of weight. He
weighed 730 lbs when he was seized. Today, he is just under 1000.
We were all certain that no judge would return this horse to such an obviously abusive owner, and in a few
weeks we would have ownership. So it came as a shock when the first court date resulted in a continuation of
a couple of months... and then again the next time!! I guess I will just never understand why it is so hard to
convict someone of cruelty, especially when the facts are staring right at you... in the end, it was our
willingness to waive recompense for the $1600 we've spent on Travellor, in exchange for ownership of the

Within about a month of coming to New Hope, Travellor started to show some trust and acceptance. And then
as so often happens with animals that have been so abused, he started to blossom into a total sweetheart;
as if he needed to make up for lost time!! Today, while he is still afraid of certain movements and panics at
the sight of a saddle, he is a calm, gentle boy who loves to be loved on.

Some of his medical problems included badly overgrown and damaged hooves; he suffered from long term
reoccurring abscesses that had never been treated, and continued while his feet were in the process of
being trimmed and re-balanced. Thankfully, he has not had an abscess in quite a while. He also suffered
from bowed tendons in both front legs, which he was never treated for; and in fact was continued to be
ridden heavily (which must have been excruciating) and so sadly, this 7 year old horse may never be ridable
again. We are now looking to find him a wonderful companion home that will spoil him rotten!!!

He spent a great deal of time lying down the first few months due to the pain in his legs and feet. But today
he is mobile, comfortable, and an upbeat, happy boy!!

Travellor continues to so well and is such a wonderful boy. We have determined that due to the tendon
damage he suffered, he is not really rideable beyond a walk; his gait is just too choppy. So we hope to find
him a companion horse home, where he can babysit another horse and get spoiled rotten. :-)  He does love
to run and play with the other horses and is just a sweet, sweet boy!