Here are two mares we took in on Thanksgiving day. They are older girls, probably mid twenties, and came here as the
result of a call from animal control. They are thin, neglected and poorly kept, but are just as sweet as can be. They are
both blind in one eye; the grey mare is missing her right eye, and the sorrel mare is blind in the right.

Given how difficult things have been, we weren't planning on taking in any more horses this winter. But how could I
leave them? Their ex-owner is loosing the property. They had no shelter, and they both have a heavy case of rainrot.
They had no-where to go. And, as you may know, I'm a bit of a sucker. Lol!

So I'm asking for some people to sponsor them. If we could get a just few people to buy even one bag of feed or one
bale of hay each per month, we could cover their feed for the winter, as well as their medical work.

They are very calm, sweet girls; they let me brush them and work on their rainrot, manes and tails for ages today, just
soaking up the attention.

As always, donations of feed can be made right onto our account at Hayseed's Southern States in
Providence Forge: 804 557 3055. A list of what we need is below.

Donations can be made directly onto their vet bill at Tidewater Equine Clinic at 757 253 8048.

Feed we need: Triple Crown Complete; Reliance Hay Stretcher Pellets; alfalfa cubes. If anyone wants to
donate hay, I will give you privately the number to our local hay person.

Watch here for updates on these girls!! And as always, thank you beyond words for all your help... without it, we
couldn't help horses like these!!
Click below to make a donation for
these mares. Donations will be put
directly onto their feed and vet bills.
Isabella and Rose
UPDATE 12/17/09

The girls are doing SO well!! Isabella, as it turns out, is probably around 28. Her teeth are worn away, so she will need
to be kept on soaked feed and soaked hay cubes or chopped hay. She is really putting on some weight and feeling

Rose is around 27. She needed some extra dental work, and is now able to eat well, but we still soak her feed and hay
cubes. She has arthritis in her back end to the point where she cannot pick up her back feet for the farrier, so we have
started her on Adequan injections to see if we can't get those old joints feeling better! This is expensive but well worth
it if we can give her the chance to be more comfortable and mobile.
Isabella 12/17/09-- this is going to be one
very brown grey horse, I think. LOL She is
constantly rolling in the mud.
Rose 12/17/09-- she gets SO annoyed
at those turkeys! Both girls are starting
to fill out. I can't wait to see them in the
spring, all fat and shiny!!
January 27-- The girls are still slowly gaining weight, and are
starting to dapple up under their winter coats! Here they share
some soaked alfalfa cubes.
Isabella just loooooooves to roll and lie
in the mud. So much for the pretty grey
horse. LOL We call her the Mud