New Hope Rescue
We were called to come get these three horses on the night before hurricane Ernesto (September
2006) as the owner wanted them gone so that he could move his boat into the barn. So much for
priorities... the horses were all underweight and malnourished, with bellies bloated from worm
overload. Their hooves were badly overgrown. They had all been very poorly treated and were
afraid of people.

Sydney is a beautiful little paint mare, with bright, intelligent eyes that have become wary of all
humans. We know she has been badly beaten and it will take a long time for her to learn to trust
again. We think she can be rehabbed into a very nice little riding horse, once she comes to
believe that humans aren't the enemy. She is only about 12 years old.

Update 11/2/06:
Sydney is in training and is progressing slowly but nicely... we have a wonderful, local trainer, our
own horse whisperer, who is bringing her right along. Thank you so much Margie!!! Sydney is
going to be a great little trail horse.
Sydney the first day-- they hadn't even
bothered to take this old bridle off of her from
the last time she was ridden!!