New Hope
Sugar Dancer

Sugar is a gorgeous, super sweet registered 13 year old thoroughbred mare with a fantastic pedigree that goes
back to Bold Ruler-- who she closely resembles!

One of our volunteers, Marie,  took this mare in on her own about two years ago when she was abandoned by her
owners. She had been used as a school horse, and has always been very level headed and quiet. Marie found her
a very nice home in Williamsburg, where she was again used as a school horse as well as participating in some
hunter/jumper shows, ridden by their teenage daughter. However, being first time owners, they put her in an area
where she somehow managed to kick in a window and severely cut her right hind foot. That was on July 31st of last
year, and after extensive care, she has healed well but still has moments of lameness.

At this point, her owners decided to return her as the daughter was going off to college and they could no longer
keep her. She was also not receiving the exercise and stimulation she needed to fully heal. We put Sugar on
Adequan to further help her. She continued to improve with us and eventually, we felt she was ready to be ridden!!


Sugar has come a long, long way! She has now gone on several short trail rides and has been able to walk/trot with
ease. We do think that Sugar would do best with light riding. She is a sweet, even mannered girl who deserves a
great family to spoil her now!!