New Hope Rescue

Sebastian was the first to warm up to us, and he has become a big puppy dog of a horse!!
He LOVES to be loved on -- he's always the first one to the gate looking for attention!
Unfortunately, he also has an inoperable tumor in his mouth which has spread into his
jawbone; there is no way to know how much time he has left, but it does not seem to be
growing much (after many months of observation) and we are hopeful that he will have quite a
few years left. He is not in pain now, thankfully, but he will need close monitoring to determine
when it is becoming painful for him to eat.

We would really like to see Sebastian go to a home where he can be spoiled, spoiled,
spoiled for however long he lives. He so much wants more attention than he gets here!! He
LOVES to be ridden and we would love to see him in a home where he could be a casual trail
horse!! But we also don't think he should have a bit in his mouth, and we have a bitless bridle
for him that works wonderfully. He is a wonderful companion horse, also-- he is one of those
easy going horses that gets along with everyone!
Sebastian when he first came
Sebastian continues to thrive!! He is SUCH a handsome boy!!! There still appears to be no growth
to the tumor in his mouth, and he's been here almost a year now.

Here he is in the bitless bridle, which we highly recommend for any horse:
We would still love to see Sebastian go to a wonderful home where he can be occasionally ridden
and be constantly spoiled. He's a very easy keeper and he is the biggest love bug in the world!!!