When we were contacted about Penny, we were told that she couldn't walk and had been laying down in a
manure pile for months. When we saw her, we knew that we had to get her out of there but also that this
was a case that would most likely end in euthanasia. Well... Penny wasn't ready to give up yet!

It turned out that while she could stand, her hooves and legs were deformed from years of incorrect
trimming. Someone had cut her toes back, but had never trimmed her heels; so she was basically walking
on tip toes, and her fetlocks were now bent forward instead of back. She would fall forward on the front of
her fetlocks and shuffle around like that. She was covered in packed-on manure, suffering from arthritus,
and was not overly friendly toward people... in fact, she was extremely fond of biting. We loved her.

We started with pain meds... Adequan injections for her joints... gradual hoof trimmings... hours of cutting
off manure encrusted fur. And slowly, she started to stand more, walk more, and then one day, Penny
jogged!! It was awkward, but it was a jog, and as we weaned her off the pain meds we realized that she
was here to stay! Today, while she still has somewhat of a shuffling gate, she off all pain meds, she is
down to one Adequan injection a month, and she moves around constantly. Her hooves will never be
perfect, but we know that as long as she is up and moving she is ok.
Penny after about a week here... able to stand and
shuffle, but with a long way to go. See how her legs
bend forward and she often rests on the front of
her fetlocks.

She was so packed in manure that we had to trim
it off, piece by piece, as it was too cold to bathe
her. It was a long painful process (more for those
of us who got too close to those teeth of hers!)
PSST... Duncan... let
me tell you a joke...
Wait!! I haven't gotten
to the punch line!!
Penny today! While she'll never flat out gallop, she gets around great and she stays in
constant motion. And she has become such a sweet, loving girl-- no more biting!
Update 11/2006:
Penny has passed over the rainbow bridge.  We miss you, Penny,
your sweetness and your determination and your pride. We
learned so much from you: never say never, and never let 'em crush
your spirit. I picture you running free now, flying through the fields
as you must have once done. Fly free, Penny, kick up those heels
and know you are forever close to us in our hearts and memories.