Pearl was 34 years old when we rescued her. She had been left to starve to death, as she
was no longer able to work and her owner decided she was useless. Pearl was my first
rescue horse, and I will be forever grateful to all she gave us, all she taught us, and all
she left us with. She passed away here when she was almost 38... fly free, Pearl; your
memory will always remain strong here but your spirit deserves to be free.
Pearl was in rough shape hen she came. She
could barely walk, and swayed when she
stood. She was starved, dehydrated, and
terribly arthritic.

But she had a spark in her eyes from that first
After months of TLC, joint supplements and
Adequan injections, she was beginning to
And a year later, she was quite simply the most beautiful horse I'd ever
seen (tho I might have been a bit biased!).
This is the only picture I have
of Pearl running. It was taken
when she was almost 38 years
old. She had the most
amazing, free spirit... she lived
life to the fullest and she never
gave up. At the end, she
simply called it a draw.
New Hope Rescue