New Hope Rescue
In Memory
MAX-- Quarter Horse Gelding
I got Max from a neighbor who was just letting him "be a horse", i.e., starving him.  When I was able to get
Max from this man, he was about 400-500 lbs underweight and sickly.  With some attention, good hay
and grain, in about 7 months he looked like he should.  Unfortunately, Max was out of Impressive and
carried the HYPP gene.  In late July he had a colic attack which brought on a Hypp attack also.  In
September he was stung by yellow jackets on his rear legs, causing him to have another Hypp attack.  
Finally in October he pulled a rear suspensary liagment, and that brought still another Hypp attack.  He
started to get better in early December, until the night he had a mild colic bringing on a severe Hypp
attack.  I had to have him put down.  In all of his times of distress and ill health, Max remained the sweet,
loving horse he always was.  He was always happy to see me and greeted me with his soft nicker.  I shall
always miss him terribly.  He was a good friend and companion.
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Cover Girl-- Morgan mare
She was the best little old mare ever. She brought me out of my fear of horses after a really bad fall from
my show horse. She was somewhere in her mid to late 20's and she was a rescue mare. Her former
owners got her from someone who abused her and worked her even when she was skin and bones. She
was so loving though. We got her and the lady still didn't do the best with her. She knew she wasn't in the
best shape and she worked her 2 hours everyday. When we got her she had so much love and relax time.
Sadly she passed this spring. She is missed all the time but we know she is in her horse heaven.
Dr. Pepper-- Appaloosa gelding

Pepper was about 10 when I got him, and I was 12.  He was retired from a lessons program not too far
from us.  He was a feisty guy with opinions of his own.  He could go western or English and I learned
to jump on him.  Mostly we rode the trails around my place, or wandered around his pasture.  I loved to
hop on him bareback with just his lead rope attached to his halter.  I would lay on his back and tell him all
about school and my friends.  He knew about my first boyfriend long before my mother did!  When I went
away to college, Pepper had to be sold because my parents were too infirm to care for him.  We sold him
to a family from our church.  I lost track of him over the years but I know that he would be at least forty
now, so he must have passed over the rainbow bridge.  I wish I knew when and under what
circumstances. I would love to know that his last years were happy and that he was well cared for.
12/18/2006: Sydney has been adopted!! She has joined a wonderful family which includes
two other horses and a little girl who adores her. Thank you, Linda and Jordan, for seeing
past her fears and for the bright future she will have with you!!!!