New Hope Rescue
4/5/07: This sad elderly girl was just turned in to us. She is the victim of a divorce... left to
fend for herself for far too long. She will need lots of TLC to bring her back to health. We're
up for the task-- if you are! She cannot chew hay, so she will require special feed and
chopped hay. Can you donate some Triple Crown Complete feed or chopped timothy hay?

How about helping us name her?? She is approximately 30 years old, relatively cranky,
grumbly, and easily annoyed. LOL!!! Email us with ideas!! (

4/23/07: Our girl has a name: MAXINE!!!!! You know--- the grumbly, hilarious old lady in the
cartoons?? Fits her like a charm!! THANKS KAY for the idea!!!!!!
Please click below to make a donation to our elderly girl!! She is
eating approximately $45 a week worth of feed and forage, and is
on joint supplements, ulcer meds, and vitamins in addition.... or call
into our feed store, Hayseed's (804.557.3055) and place an order for
her under New Hope Rescue... your help is VERY needed and VERY