35 years. That's how long this little pony lived all alone in a tiny,
barren paddock.
Her owners didn't even live on the property; they drove down
once a week, dropped hay and filled the water tank, and left. Neighbors fed her many
winters when she was close to starving. She had no shelter, no company, nothing to

When we got the call to rescue her, we weren't sure how she'd adjust to life with other
horses and other animals. She was sullen, depressed, and violent towards humans,
kicking and biting for all she was worth. Well, before long, Lightning surprised us all!
After a lifetime of living in virtual isolation, she bonded madly with the other horses,
eventually even joining in their daily romps around the pastures!

Lightning only lived with us for a short while before succumbing to a heart condition.
But while she was with us, she blossomed into a loving, happy, sweet girl. We will
always miss her but are so glad we were able to finally provide her with a real herd to
belong to!
New Hope Rescue