We don't know where Leonard spent most of his life, but we do know where he ended up: at 40
years old,
he was living all alone in a barren pasture, with no shelter, no companionship, no
attention, and no regular feeding schedule. After repeated complaints from neighbors, animal
control was finally able to demand custody of this pony. He was barely more than a skeleton when
we picked him up.

The first thing that struck me about this unwanted little pony was his attitude: he was a complete
lovebug from the first day! He had never lost his faith in humans; he loves to be loved on-- he
walks right up to you and demands it!

Despite his advanced age, Leonard has done remarkably well. He is in good health, he has gained
his weight back, and he has become a wonderful babysitter for a rambunctious yearling filly!
Everyone who meets him loves him. He has the heart of a lion with the affection of a kitten! He
would love a home that would spoil him, love him, and fuss over him for the rest of his days!!
New Hope Rescue

Update 12/2006:

At the beginning of this month, Leonard's yearling filly became ill and had to be hospitalized for
a week. Two days after she left, Leonard stopped eating. The vet was called and treated him for
both colic and ulcers, but he still would not eat... he paced, and paced, and called for his filly.
There are 5 other horses where Leonard lives, but he was inconsolable; he wanted HIS filly.
Leonard was depressed, going downhill fast as the week progressed, depsite all of our efforts...

Finally, his little filly was released from the hospital and we all hoped her return would bring him
out of his depression. Well, that hope was an understatement!!! Leonard went nuts when she
returned; he was beside himself, squealing, licking her from head to toe; he couldn't stop
touching her. And an hour later, he devoured his first real meal in a week!

Leonard made it very obvious to us that he cannot be seperated from his little friend. And so we
are now looking for sponsors for him, to help us support him in his old (stubborn!) age. He
cannot chew hay, so he eats Senior feed three times a day and chopped, soaked hay. This runs
us approximately $100 a month.

8/15/2007: Look at this old pony now!!
Going on 41... and going strong!!
Can't a guy get a decent nap around
Leonard and "his" filly, Cajeta; still
inseparable, even when she uses him
for a scratching post!!
Old scarring from a poor saddle fit. There are multiple scars
here, obviously the result of many sores from many rides. Why
can't people just be more observant and more sensitive to the
pain they cause their animals in the name of "fun"??