Here is a very special pup that needs a very, very special home. Brought home at 8 weeks old by a teenager without
permission from the parents, Layla (not her previous name) was kept locked in a small plastic crate in the teenager's
bedroom. The parents refused to help take care of the pup in any way, which meant that as the teenager got busier
and busier the puppy got less and less attention to the point where she was sometimes living the crate-- now, at 6
months old, too small for her to stand fully erect in-- for
two or three days at a time, in her own excrement, with no
food or water. On the occasions she was let out, she would wolf her food down frantically and growl-- at which point
she was smacked for growling and put back in the crate-- so in effect she was not only being starved, but then
punished for eating!!

I was contacted this weekend by the teen because she had been unable to save up any money to buy dog food for
"quite a while", and the parents refused to help. By this point, Layla was extremely emaciated, had urine scald on
her stomach and legs from being forced to constantly lie in her own urine and feces (there was no bedding in the
crate to absorb any liquid) and she was, when she got here, quite literally petrified out of her mind. This puppy had
lived in a hell for 4 months that we can only imagine. Never a toy, never any stimulation, never the chance to play in
the grass, only day after day of living in a tiny cell in filth, bored out of her mind, smelling the food cooking in the
next room and slowly starving to death...

Layla has been here for two days. She has been bathed and held and hugged and cuddled, and she can eat all she
wants anytime she wants, day or night. She is starting to respond to us and to the other dogs. She has stopped
crawling around on her belly and even went for a short walk this evening, altho she tires easily as she has no
muscle tone. I don't use crates, so she is free to wander anywhere she wants.

Layla needs an extra special home where she will never, ever be crated again and will never know a moment's
hunger. This girl deserves to live like a queen now. She is only a puppy, with plenty of time to learn to be a puppy,
and a lot of love ready to burst out. Please help me spread the word about her and lets get this girl a home!
Please consider making a donation for
Layla's care and medical expenses!
3/21/10: Layla trying to work up the
nerve to dive in the pool with Seymour!!
Little Liam isn't so sure either...
A walk down the
pasture... learning to
be a real puppy!!!!!
Layla has been adopted
into a fabulous new
home!!!! Thank you
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