Where were you four years ago?

Think about it... 2002... where were you? What has changed since then? How many
memories have you made in the last four years?

Now try to comprehend the last four years Kate experienced: she lived locked inside of a
tiny, four foot wide stall inside of a delapidated, leaky building--
chained to the wall.

I can't even get my head around that kind of hopelessness and boredom.

When we recieved the call to come get her, we were dreading what we would find. But
amazingly, Kate's physical condition was relativley good. It was her mental condition that
would take months to heal. When we first introduced her here, she was definately
over-stimulated, after years of solitary confinement. She was terrified of people. She
couldn't seem to grasp that she was free to walk, wherever and whenever she wanted.
Such a basic freedom, and yet she'd been denied even that.

But as the months went on, Kate's personality bloomed and she started to look like she was
enjoying life again-- she started to play, to run with the other horses, and most of all she
started to trust us. Today, she willingly comes to people for pats and snacks. She has also
established herself as the pasture guardian, and nothing gets by her!!
Kate thinks it's cute to jump up on
our deck and stick her head in the
sliding glass doors when they're
Kate has been adopted!!!!

Her new people are thrilled with
her, and Kate has trained them
quite well in the short time they've
had her. :-)
New Hope Rescue
11/26/2006: Quote from Kate's new owners:  

Kate is so gentle and sweet, coming willingly for pets, rubs and sometimes a big hug.
She greets every feeding with her bray and gets along great with her horse companions
----- they even all lay down at one time while Kate stands guard, so that's true trust. We
love her so much and occasionally call her "Queen," with which she totally agrees!!  The
second day we had here, pictures were requested by husband to show off to
co-workers. Kate is a true additional blessing to our family. Thank you New Hope
AUGUST 2011: Kate has just
been returned to us due to a
divorce. I will get some new pics of
her up here soon. She is still a
wonderful, sweet girl who would
love a permanent home!!