New Hope Rescue
Getting her feet cleaned, untied and
Everyone tells me
I'm beautiful... do
you think so too??
Judy is one of our special girls. She has come a long, long way from the frightened, neglected girl she was when she first came!!
Due mainly to the exhaustive work her foster mom, Helen, has put into her, Judy has become the very trusting, affectionate,
peaceful, content horse we knew she really was. She has gone from a horse who's back feet you couldn't even touch, to a horse
who naps through her hoof cleanings now and likes her farrier. She is easy to handle, looks forward to attention, and is as sweet
as can be.

She is a thoroughbred, approximately 10 years old. We are offering Judy for adoption to a home that wants to love on her and
enjoy her, but we are offering her as a
companion horse only. Judy is not broke to ride-- or, was so abused when someone
attempted to break her, that the one issue we have not been able to work her through on our own is her abject fear when
saddled. It is possible that, sent to the right trainer, she could be worked through her fears; but we do not have the resources
for this expense, with so many other horses that need our help.

Judy is a calm, loving girl who just needs a family to spoil her. We want to be very open about her lack of riding ability at this
point because she is so good on the ground, it is easy to believe that a child could hop right on her back. This is NOT the case,
and we don't want anyone to get hurt. Think of her more as a puppy dog of a horse who just wants to be loved and groomed
and provide companionship to another horse and to her family. She is very child safe on the ground and just eats up the
attention the little ones give her!!

Please consider adding Judy to your equine family... you'll never regret it!!

Click here to see Judy when she first arrived!
We need approximately $600 to provide one month of professional
training for Judy. Would you consider making a donation toward this? If
we can get her trained, she has a
much better chance of getting
MAY 2008

Judy has moved to a new foster home, and in doing so has met her very special young lady!! The move originally
sent Judy back to her old, fearful ways for a bit... but now, she is blossoming under the attention being lavished on
her. Here is what her young lady had to say this week:

"Everything is going well! We decided to try giving her a bath with one of us holding and me washing.
Everything turned out great; I started with her legs and worked up. I didn’t try her back legs because we felt it
was moving to fast. I stood in her stall for at least 30 min. just talking to her about different things. She is
amazing Lori, I love her so much. Thank you for letting me experience this wonderful horse. I truly believe that
we will get her riding ONE DAY!! We are going to try different things each day and see where it gets us. For
right now I know she enjoys lots of lovin! And I definitely love giving it to her!"

And THIS is why we do what we do!!

Judy has been adopted!!!!