New Hope Rescue
We were asked to take Gertrude because her owner could not care for her. When we went to get her,
we found a very sweet donkey living in the mud with very, very overgrown hooves. It turns out she had
never been taught to stand for the farrier, but instead was muscled to the ground, leaving her with a
terrible fear of having her legs and feet touched.
We had the vet sedate her so the
farrier could trim her; and voila, new
Some brushing and combing later and
it turns out she cleans up pretty good!
Gertie has never been adopted, mostly because of the high cost of having to have the vet out to
sedate her (REALLY sedate her) every time the farrier comes. But she has won our hearts here, with
her silly antics and goofy Gertie faces. :-) We love her and consider her a permanent foster.
This is the MAD DONKEY face!!!!