Duncan was bought at an auction for $25. He was petrified of people, suffering from malnutrition,
founder, badly overgrown hooves, intestinal parasites and lice. The person who bought him kept
him in a horse trailer for
two weeks before realizing they didn't know what to do with him, and they
finally called us to take him.

The first step was to sedate him and hacksaw off the excess hoof growth... and then months of
TLC and patience. And then one day... a whole new personality emerged, and scared little
Duncan became a LOVEBUG!! He started following us around, and showed a special interest in
children. It wasn't long before a wonderful family adotpted him, and they continue to spoil him
absolutely rotten-- just as he deserves!!!
Duncan on the first day. He could barely walk,
due to his overgrown hooves and the pain of
having foundered.

The vet estimated him to be only 3 to 4 years
old. We don't know where he came from before
the auction, but he surely suffered enough in his
short little life. He was so scared of us, and
walking into the pasture with anything in our
hands sent him fleeing.
But a few months later-- Duncan was a different pony!!! His new family showes him with love and attention
and he is now king of his world!!
With his best friend Purdy the donkey!
Giving kisses to his boy!
I LOVE MY NEW HOME!!!!!!!!!!
New Hope Rescue
October 15: It is with heavy, heavy hearts that we report Duncan's passing. This little fellow made
such huge impressions on all who met him... he was something of a New Hope celebrity. We all
loved him more than words can say. Unfortunately, it was the neglect he suffered early in life that led
to his
very premature passing...  the founder he suffered caught up with him, and despite heroic
efforts by his family to do everything under the sun that they could for him, he finally reached the point
of constant discomfort. The decision was made by all of us to let him go, for his own good. It was
one of the hardest decisions any of us has ever made. He left behind a family who grieves for him

Fly free, Duncan. May you gallop at last in the clouds, free of pain and free to finally race as fast as
your heart desires. We love you.