Oscar is a young adult poodle, probably about 4 years old. He was found as a stray, and no-one ever
claimed him! He was petrified in the pound, snapping at everyone who came near him, and so he was slated
for euthanasia. But we saw beyond the teeth and knew this guy had a good heart!! And sure enough, just a
few weeks later, Oscar has become a super sweet, loving, outgoing, happy, playful boy!!! He gets along
great with the other dogs, ignores the cats, and so far is doing well with everyone he meets-- he even loves
A nice Sunday morning roll in the

Livi is such a GORGEOUS girl! She is probably a collie/shepherd mix, and is about 12-14 weeks old (as of 5/2/2010).
She was very scared when she first came, and just a little pile of bones... but she is now fat, sassy, and has become
quite the little lovebug! Her sister has already been adopted... now Livi needs to find just the perfect family!!
Livi is being fostered by us for the Henrico Humane
Society, so her adoption will go through them. But feel
free to contact me for info!!

Oh my gosh... what can I say?? These three little babies are soooo precious!!! They are only about 5 weeks old now,
and were left at a local pound... Henrico Humane Society stepped up for them, but needed a foster. So they are here
now until they are old enough to be adopted. Feel free to contact me for more info!! The adoption will go through Henrico
We have no idea on breed or eventual size at this point... they are really too young to have clear features. I find it hard to
believe they are from the same litter, but, stranger things have happened... lol! Thinking of adding a pup? Consider
these babies!!
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Meet Scooby...
Left chained out and ignored
for FOUR YEARS with almost
no fur... how did this boy
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