New Hope Rescue
Dave is a 20 year old mule. He came here with two other equines-- Sebastian, a Morgan gelding, and
Sydney, a cute little paint mare.

We were called to come get these three horses on the night before hurricane Ernesto (September 2006)
as the owner wanted them gone so that he could move his boat into the barn. So much for priorities... the
horses were all underweight and malnourished, with bellies bloated from worm overload. Their hooves
were badly overgrown. They had all been very poorly treated and were afraid of people. But we knew it
wouldn't take long to overcome their fears!

Dave has warmed up quickly, is a very sweet boy, and already has an adoption pending into a
wonderful, mule-knowledgeable home!!

UPDATE 11/15/06: Dave has been adopted into an awesome, doting, loving home and he is
absolutely glowing with health and happiness!! Pics to be posted soon!!