New Hope Rescue
Classy is one gorgeous boy!! He is also a completely sweet, gentle, puppy dog of a horse... and one of the
only horses we've ever met who is happy as an only horse!! As long as he has people to love on him and
shower him with attention, he's as content as can be. This opens his adoption possibilities up to the person
who only wants one horse...

Classy is an 11 year old quarter horse. He was recently ridden for the first time since coming back to us, and
he was just wonderful!!! We plan on riding him on a regular basis now while looking for his perfect home.
Please help us spread the word about this very special boy!!!

Here is the link to his story-- he originally came to us over a year ago.

Click here to read Classy's story

Classy has been adopted!!!!! He is flourishing in his new home and we couldn't be more thankful to
Dean and his family for giving this big guy such a great home!!!!