This is Cisco.
This is Pancho.
Imagine the worst foot/leg pain you can-- stubbed toes, broken bones, sprained ankles. Now multiply that by four.
And live with it day in, day out, with no relief for the past six to eight years. Welcome to Cisco and Pancho's world.

These little miniature horses were left out in a back field with no vet care and no farrier care. They were over-fed the
wrong feed and that, coupled with the lack of hoof trimming, caused them to founder. When we were called to
rescue them, they could barely move; we had to get several people together to lift them into the trailer.
Cisco had hacksaw marks on his front hooves.
Someone had tried to saw them down.
Pancho's xrays show an intact coffin bone with some degree of
rotation, along with joint issues from his joints being pushed the
wrong way for so long from his unbalanced feet.
Cisco's xrays show more rotation and severe
degeneration of the coffin bone. We cannot
fix the bone loss.
These two little boys suffered so much for so long, all because their owner refused to seek help for them. There is
no excuse for this.... this should never have happened.

Our job now is to make them as comfortable as possible. The farrier and vet have conferred and the game plan is
to have the farrier come every two weeks for the unforeseeable future and keep trimming and re-balancing the
feet. They are on pain meds and anti inflammatories now. They will have to be dry lotted for the rest of their lives;
be kept on tiny amounts of special feed for horses prone to founder; and probably have to stay on
laminitus/founder meds for life as well.

The main reason for going forth with them is because, despite all they've suffered, these boys have not given up.
They are both bright eyed, interested in the world, and they are determined to move and walk. As long as they
are telling us they want to live, we will work for them. But we'll need your help!! The trims will run $80 a month...
the meds will be approximately $100. Also, Pancho is still a stallion and will need to be gelded soon. Would you
consider making a donation to help them?

And stay posted for updates-- I update Facebook almost daily but will try and keep updates here at least once a
Cisco's new feet-- he spent a week at
Woodside Equine Clinic, where they
worked a miracle!!!
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