New Hope Rescue

Cheers and Classy, both Quarter horses, were turned in to us when their owner fell onto hard times and
was unable to take care of them. They were both stallions, so we had to find a safehouse for them that
could handle them while they were gelded and healed from their surgery.

Cheers is approximately 8 years old and has had basic ground training. He is a LOVE BUG!!! This is
the horse that will lay his head in your lap and fall asleep!


Cheers moved here to my house about a week ago, and what a super horse he is!!!! He shows no
studdish tendencies at all; he gets along great with the other horses! In fact, he is very submissive and  
he has bonded tightly to Gunny the mustang. Those two are now inseperable!!

He is SUCH a sweet, gentle horse. We have not yet evaluated his riding abilities, but plan on doing that
in the near future. Right now, seeing the bond that Gunny has with him, I've decided to just let Cheers
and Gunny be pals and relax through the winter. It's obvious that Gunny needs him right now, and poor
Gunny has had so few things go his way in his life.

I can just see the ad that we'll be running in the spring: "Wonderful QH gelding, looking for perfect home,
very well mannered, comes with wild mustang in tow..." LOL!!!! :-)

UPDATE 3/30/07:

CHEERS HAS BEEN ADOPTED!! :-) He went to live with Sydney and her family!! We just
LOVE a happy ending!!!! :-)