Chase is one of those horses unfortunate enough to have been owned by someone whose
only interest in him was the amount of work he could do for them. Ridden hard for many
many years, kept in a small, barren paddock with no shelter at all and no companionship, he
gave his all. But when he was struck by an illness called EPM, and then developed a
condition called ringbone (a bad form of arthritis), instead of treatment for his years of
service he received beatings to ride harder and pain meds to mask the symptoms. Under
these conditions it wasn`t long before he was completely broken down. When he was barely
able to walk on his own, his disgusted owner did not even have the compassion to have him
humanely euthanized… but instead decided to let him die on his own, however long it took
him to linger away. We heard about him, and convinced his owner to turn him over to us.

Today, after receiving treatment for EPM and regular injections of Adequan for the ringbone,
Chase is back to the regal, proud horse he once was! He loves his pasture full of
companions, and he lavishes us with plenty of sloppy horsie kisses to let us know how
happy he is!
Chase is a permanent
resident, due to health
New Hope Rescue