New Hope Rescue
June 1, 2008

Poor little Annie was found in terrible shape... her fur was matted so badly that her ears were matted to her
face, the mats under her neck had pulled her head down, her tail was matted to her back legs, and she
couldn't even extend her back legs to walk properly. Under the mats she was crawling with fleas and
covered in ticks and sore skin. This gentle little dog has suffered from long term neglect... and the worst of
it is a large tumor on her front leg.

If this tumor had been taken care of when it first reared its ugly head, Annie would have been spared a lot
of suffering. Now, it is possible she will loose the whole leg.

Annie is one of the most soft natured, gentle, quiet and sweet dogs we've ever met. She asks for nothing
at all. She squints and ducks away from your hand when you reach for her, but once she realizes you are
only offering love, she will lean into you and relax.
Annie is not a young dog, but she deserves to live out the rest of her life in comfort and without fear of hunger
or cruelty. And she deserves to be pain free.

We need help paying for Annie's medical... she needs an extensive dental, the tumor needs to be removed,
and possibly the whole leg if it has metastasised. We are probably looking at a $500-600 bill. Annie is worth it--
she has suffered in silence for so long, accepting her fate... we'd love to show her that there truly is kindness
and love and happiness in this life!!

And Annie also needs an adoptive home to provide her with all that love!!
Annie before her
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What a little cutie she turned out to be
under all that dirt and mess!! She felt
so good after her grooming she
actually pranced out of the vet's
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July 2008:

Annie has been adopted into a WONDERFUL home, where she is blossoming into the princess
we knew she had hidden inside!!!! Her surgery to remove the tumor went well, altho the biopsy
revealed it was malignant. The vet feels confident that they got it all, and Annie has healed well
and is loving her new life!!!
Oh... the indignity of it...
Ahhh... now this is much
more fitting! I shall nap the
day away....
UPDATE 8/2010: Annie's owners discovered another tumor starting and had it
removed. She is now going to undergo radiation therapy to hopefully kill the
cancer. THANK YOU BOB AND JEANNIE for giving Annie every chance, and for
giving her such a wonderful home!!!!!