New Hope Rescue
Introducing Alma! This gorgeous girl is a thorughbred mare in her early to mid 20's (we will have the
vet estimate her age more closely). She has been used as a brood mare for her entire life, but was
coldly discarded once her usefulness ended. Alma was well taken care of physically, but has never
recieved any love or affection; now that she is in a safehouse that is showering her with attention, she
is absolutely eating it up!! She is sweet as can be, loves to be loved on, adores the other horses, and
is really just a wonderful girl all around. She has been ridden in the past and we will be determining her
riding abilties soon.

Please stay tuned for her progress and contact us if you can give this girl a wonderful home in her
golden years!!! She is exposed to other horses, dogs and children in her safehouse and she is fine
with them all!!

7/24/2007: Alma has been spoken for!!! She will be going home as soon as her new people
have their barn finished. She will have another horse for a companion, who she is currently
boarding with!!